Anarchy & Entreprenurship

“Fulfilment through Empowerment”

Welcome to the first place to actively mix Entrepreneurship (the science of turning ideas into reality) with Anarchy (without ruler). Believe it or not these two things actually have a lot more in common than most people think. But please don’t believe us, we want you to think for yourself and make up your own mind.

See the Wiki page Entrepreneurship
See the Wiki page Anarchy

The Capitalist system uses lies to enslave people and one of these lies (just a small one) is that entrepreneurs are all capitalist pigs and to be one you need to make a billion dollars like Mark Zuckerberg or Richard Branson.

But the truth is about 6% of people are entrepreneurs they are people who think for them self’s and take risks to create stuff. This brave behaviour tends to get them in trouble at school and with Authority (the opposite of anarchy). There are lots of examples of people who turn ideas into reality and have nothing to do with making a billion dollars. They get called social entrepreneurs but even this is a limited understanding of entrepreneurship.

White Light Education (WLE) is here to empower these trouble makers with the science of innovation & entrepreneurship, the processes used by Silicon Valley and others to turn ideas into reality. By providing the information, knowledge & wisdom to empower one’s self and others WLE seeks to bring about social change. For when a person is empowered they need not fear nor hate, nor seek control over others and maybe a little anarchy would be a good thing?

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PS. if you are the academic sort? hear are the two documents we are basing some of our ideas on.

Anarchy and Entrepreneurship