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Who built Capitalism and why?

This post is an attempt to kind of basically explain and answer these questions in a way that empowers the reader, hey knowledge is power, right?

About 1% of the population have what is called “anti-social personality disorder” sometimes this is called being a psychopath or sociopath. These people lack empathy for other living things, so they will hurt and manipulate others for their own ends. In a “hierarchical” “authoritarian” social order like “capitalism” sociopaths get ahead both financially and socially because they don’t empathise with the suffering of others and are willing to step on others to get what they want.

This is most notable in “bureaucratic” organisations that have authoritarian hierarchies for example, Banks, Governments, the police & military, multi-national corporations. These sociopaths will “get what they want at all cost” and this attitude allows them to do things others would hesitate to do. By sucking up to those above them and then stabbing them in the back and standing on anyone who gets in their way these people rise through the ranks of the hierarchical authoritarian system.

let’s just take this one step further and call them white, patriarchal, authoritarian, males from the 1950’s. Yes, that is a stereo type but like most stereo types its mostly right, there are exceptions. These people (Men) basically took to ruling over their woman & children through violence way back in the caveman days. They become tribal leaders and then kings as their system developed they became CEO’s (Chef executive officer not chef enabling office, get the difference?) and Presidents. These people are the pyramids builders, the empire builders, the rulers. (See Anarchy without ruler) Now that we have established who “They” are we can look at how they do this or the tools these architects use to create their pyramids of wealth & power.

There are three sides to their triangle (or tools)

Knowledge: this is fundamental to having power either over yourself as we encourage you to do or over others as the rulers do, so yes knowledge is power.

Violence: We guess it was some caveman who worked out he could use violence and the threat of death to make others do what he wanted and dickheads still do this today. Ask your self are your one of these dickheads?

Fear: The obverse example of this is the fear of violence that all authority hypocritical uses to control people’s behaver. But most importantly it is the subtle way that fear is used by authority to control and get you to limit your own freedom. This is most important to understand if you want to empower yourself and others.

The system of control works like this, firstly we keep the knowledge of who you really are from you and we hide our own existence. Then we use violence on you so you have something to fear. Now you are hurt and scared, so we give you someone to blame. This is how we the wolfs divide and conquer you the stupid scared sheep. We trick you into blaming us or anyone ells, so you will not take responsibility for yourself and act to make your situation better.

To start empowering yourself right now seek knowledge about yourself first and the world you live in second. Seek to understand and challenge all fear, it is an illusion in your own mind. Then you will see that violence & fear are coward’s tools and that love & compassion are better tools, YOU HAVE THE POWER. We will get technical with law, tax, economics and stuff letter, but for now you have the basic building blocks of most human social structures like capitalism.

So what do you think about that? let us know your opinions.